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We're back on-site manufacturing

If you’ve watched our Grand Designs episode, you’ll know that we started building homes by digitally manufacturing the bespoke timber components using a CNC machine in a shipping container on site.

It’s been 10 years since that episode was filmed in Hertfordshire - which is a happy coincidence because we are now moving back to those original methods of manufacturing each Facit Chassis™.

A shipping container with a CNC router inside.
Pedro, now our Head of Production, operating the CNC router back in 2011.

After the Grand Designs episode, we spent 4 years digitally manufacturing Facit Chassis™ components on-site before moving this activity to our workshop in London.

The ambition to innovate construction has always been at the heart of Facit Homes. By refurbishing our machine and returning to our original, unique method of on-site manufacturing, we're returning to what made our first projects so special.

Our latest design and build project in East Sussex has been the perfect opportunity to reinstate this process. A beautiful site with plenty of space for the container, we can’t wait to start CNC cutting on site soon.

On-site production will reduce the number of component deliveries to the site, as we will receive the FSC plywood in flat sheets in one delivery and they will be converted into components on demand.

What does on-site digital manufacturing involve?

In short: operating our computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) router from a shipping container. Whether taking place on-site or off, the sheets of FSC sourced sustainable plywood are cut by the programmed machine and then the flat shapes were assembled to become components (knocked together using a mallet and filled with insulation once in place).

The CNC router in action. The robotic arm has a spinning blade programmed to cut the sheet into shapes according to our production information (translated into G code - the computer language that controls the actions of this automated machinery).

Still not sure what we’re talking about? Learn more about digital manufacturing here.


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