Facit Homes is an award-winning design and build company dedicated to delivering contemporary, low carbon homes.


Our mission is to build a better future, one home at a time. 

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Our story


Established in 2007, Facit Homes was born out of a frustration with the status quo. We set out to create a better, smarter way to deliver new homes.

Our founding team’s previous experience of designing and building homes showed that conventional methods were full of inconsistency and inefficiency. With ‘interpretations’ of drawings on site and the confusion and miscommunication caused by involving dozens of different people, each with their own agenda, the result was never quite what was expected.

Modern digital manufacturing techniques have revolutionised the way we make things, from cars to smartphones, allowing one company to control the entire process. We asked ourselves if this technology could bring more clarity and certainty to creating homes and provide a better service and end product for the customer. Could we take house building into the digital age and manufacture homes? Years of research and development, testing and refining the process proved that we could. ​

Since featuring on Grand Designs as an exciting innovation – “the world’s first computer-cut house” – we have gone on to become an established, industry-leading company, delivering high performance homes across the UK.

In 2018 our success was recognised by receipt of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, with the judges describing our revolutionary approach as “exceptionally efficient and environmentally respectful”.

Our team

A multidisciplinary team with a wide range of backgrounds and experience, we are architects, designers, technicians, specialist fabricators, site agents and contract managers. Our combined expertise covers the broad spectrum of skills required to deliver cutting edge, bespoke homes.

As a team we are constantly innovating and developing the way we work together in order to improve our product and our service. And we always have some fun along the way.

Bruce Bell
Founder & CEO

Bruce is the founder of Facit Homes and our creative force. He is widely respected as a trailblazer in the world of digitally manufactured architecture and drives the high standards of design and construction expected of every home we deliver.

Rhys Denbigh 

Rhys combines an architectural education with over 15 years of commercial management experience. He is responsible for our sales and marketing activities, alongside the day-to-day management of the company.

Pedro Hurtado Silva
Head of Product Development

Pedro leads our production process and is responsible for the constant improvement of our systems and product. As a CAD/CAM specialist he turns our homes from digital designs into physical reality and is a true technical wizard.

Alessandra Di Simone
Contracts Manager

​With a background in economics and quantity surveying, Ale manages our project cost plans, contracts, main suppliers, subcontractors and valuations. A master of budgeting, she keeps everyone in line and up to date.

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Jonathan Turney
Project Architect 

Detailed design information, construction sequencing and site organisation are just a few of Jonathan's key responsibilities. Working closely with our Site Coordinators, he manages the construction phase of our projects. 

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George Dima
Finance Administrator

Our accounts, invoicing and payroll are all managed by George. With a background in construction and accountancy, George is focused on fine-tuning our systems and ensuring every penny is accounted for.

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Charles Iliop
Project Supply Chain Planner

A graduate of engineering and technology management, Charles is responsible for planning resources, labour and product orders, and managing our complex supply chain as part of the project delivery team.

Jennifer dos Reis
Architectural Designer

A qualified architect in Brazil and an expert in BIM, Jenny works across multiple project stages, including the technical design information for our homes, coordinating a smooth transition between the design and the works on site.

Sophie Whyte
Marketing Executive 

Dedicated to getting our unique story out there, Sophie manages our PR and marketing communications across our social media channels, newsletters and website, as well as external publications. 

Join us


We're currently looking for a Part III Architect with BIM experience and strong Revit skills to join our growing team.

Please apply via LinkedIn by clicking this link.

Company information

Facit UK Limited t/a Facit Homes
Registered address: 3A Godson Street, London, N1 9GZ
Registered in England and Wales: 6055654