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Planning permission granted in North London

Our latest planning application for this new home in North London has been approved by the local planning authority.

This project is one that has been in the works for a while now so we are overjoyed to be able to share this news. After working from the very start of this project and taking it through a detailed pre-app process before the full planning application, we can’t wait to start on site.

Click through the images of this home below by selecting the arrow to the right.

As the site was a previously undeveloped amenity space in a conservation area, it was a challenging application and additionally had various tree constraints to factor in. Sited on an unused tennis court, this home will be accessed by a narrow driveway that runs alongside the existing property.

Our design and construction methodology means that we can propose and support beautiful, contemporary, energy efficient and sustainable schemes within challenging conditions, working with design and planning officers from the beginning to deliver a fully compliant design.

"The Council’s Design Officer has been consulted on the application and considers that there are no design concerns with the proposals as the site is completely secluded and hidden away from public vantage points. The Officer points out that there are no design quality concerns as the proposals are for a large, generously proportioned house, in an elegant contemporary design and in materials appropriate to a landscaped garden setting."

The renders created by our team in the studio showcase how great this design really is - from the textured timber cladding and zinc roof to the first floor balcony and glass balustrade. We’re really excited to move to the next stage of this project - the technical design, CNC manufacture and construction of this unique 320m2 family home.

We’re hoping to be on site later in the year. Stay tuned for project developments and updates!

Learn more about how to get planning permission for your self build in our article here. Call the studio on 020 3034 0720 or email to see if we can help you get planning permission for your project.


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