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Chocks away

Construction has now been underway for almost 2 months on the latest Facit Home near Bovingdon airfield, Hertfordshire and as winter’s frosty grip takes a hold on the weather the Facit Chassis is rapidly approaching completion.

The triple-glazed windows are being installed next week which will take us toward the first major milestone of being wind and watertight, allowing the interior fit out to commence. With the insulated raft foundation having been laid in a very speedy 3 weeks, concurrent production of the Chassis components meant that the erection team were able to get straight on with the job as soon as the 100mm thick slab was dry, keeping us on track for our fastest and most efficient build yet.

Our site agent, Kamran, is running a tight ship, overseeing the team on site and making sure we are on programme, whilst back in the studio project architect David sets the pace with careful coordination of all the technical information, orders and sub-contractors.

Unlike most of our recent projects, the site did not have an existing dwelling on it so all the utility connections will be new, meaning a lot of negotiation with the providers. We have also installed our first ground source heat pump, this meant putting over 200m of trenches into the ground to lay the pipes that will extract heat from the earth to produce hot water for the new home; with no mains gas available this is a great alternative strategy and will also result in even lower energy bills.

There is still plenty of work ahead for the team but with all of their energy being directed at it progress will be swift over the next few months.


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