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Walking Through The Future

Once we have a concept design for a new home agreed with the client our architects immediately start to develop the design in three dimensions.

Our digital 3D BIM model forms the basis for a huge amount of the information required to manufacture a Facit Home so it makes sense for us to be resolving key design decisions in this environment from the outset. Plus we can ensure everything will work in reality which cannot be guaranteed with 2D drawings.

One of our favourite little pieces of software allows us to create a fully rendered virtual walkthrough of the design from our 3D model, both inside and out, which can be updated in real-time by the architect.

If we move a wall in the model, it instantly changes in the walkthrough so we can constantly test out what is going to be the best option. It also means we can give our clients an idea of the look and feel of their future home really early on and work with them to make sure it is going to end up exactly as they want it to be when we build it.


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