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Up, up and almost away

We are definitely on the home straight with our second London home about to be finished, on time and on budget.

The scaffolding has just come down to reveal the sustainable cedar cladding which looks as if it actually glows in the evening light!

We’re starting to move to the finishing and then decorating which will mark the beginning of the final push to complete the wonderful contemporary interiors. We’ll also be turning our hand to the external landscaping. It’s unbelievable to think that there is just over five weeks until completion.

Inside the all-important kitchen is 60 per cent complete. The carcasses are in and we are waiting for the decoration and flooring to be completed before we install the gloss white, touch to open doors and finish it off with a granite work surface.

The bathrooms are also well on the way. Owners Jim and Mary have gone for a neutral palette of warm grey floor tiles and matt white wall tiles and we are in the midst of finalising some bolder colours for the walls that will give each bathroom a different feel and look.

Jim and Mary are of course really looking forward to moving in to their truly unique house. As we are always keen to point out, Facit homes’ aren’t off the peg and don’t come all the way from Germany like a Huf Haus. Our projects are home grown and the component parts have travelled the short distance to South Woodford from our workshop in Hackney adding to the property’s sustainable footprint.

Looking along the street line now it’s hard to imagine the small bungalow that once stood on the plot. The new house has already proved a source of intrigue in the street and now it’s about to be lived in we’re sure it will remain a talking point for some time.


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