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The inside story

Once our buildings are watertight the activity within continues at a strong pace. We have now finished most of the first fix electrics and plumbing and are currently plaster boarding the walls and plastering some of the rooms. Walking around you really get a sense of the finished house.

This is our first project that features a basement pool so we’ve been looking forward to it taking shape. The pool enclosure has been constructed and the basement team are now preparing the floor so that we can insulate and lay the underfloor heating and screed. In the next few weeks we will be installing the door frames and doors as well as the structure for the staircases down to the pool and up to the garden.

So far, the build process has been pretty smooth, planning is everything!

Like most homeowners, when it comes to the interiors everyone gets very excited and creative. We have just been picking all the tiling and the timber floor finish for the ground floor and the staircase with our client Anya. The tiling in the pool area is going to be fantastic with a dark blue mosaic tile in the pool and then a very light stone tile on the floor and on three of the walls.

The beauty of our method of digital manufacture is that we produce all the component parts of the house on site. This cuts down on wastage and greatly reduces our carbon footprint. We are currently making the internal staircases followed by the front canopy over the door.

The English summer hasn’t let us down but luckily we were water tight before any really terrible storms hit. Now we are mostly working on the interior so the weather isn’t affecting us that much, although we could do with a bit more sun!

While we are cracking on with the build, out of respect for the adjoining neighbours who work hard in the week, we are trying to keep weekend working to a minimum so they get a bit of peace and quiet. And it also means that our fabulous team returns refreshed and ready for action on Mondays.


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