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Seeing is believing

Suddenly, there is a lot more to see on our project at Highgate as we now have the Facit Chassis frame completely built and the internal timber walls are going in. The concrete screed has been completed on the ground floor and all the windows including the huge bi-folding door at the back of the property are in place.

The roof slates are fixed and now the plumbers and electricians can start on drawing through cabling. In a couple of weeks the basement will be waterproofed so the pool enclosure can begin to be built.

Everything has gone pretty well so far. Our team assembling the Facit Chassis has been brilliant and really quick. We were a bit nervous about getting the bi-fold door at the right level with the floor screed so Alastair, our design and build coordinator, and site manager Joe paid particular attention to marking out and checking the levels.

At present we have around six people working on site assisted by specialist subcontractors on a daily basis. George, our director of architecture, ensures the team has a good set of construction drawings to work from while also continuing to manage the budget and keeping an eye on the programme with the site managers.

We’re in constant contact with our client Anya, who pops down about twice a week. At the moment we are tying up finishes including bathrooms, floors and joinery so there’s a lot to discuss. We are also looking at materials for the external cladding for the ground floor and have found some interesting options which we are costing out.

All being well we are still on track for completion towards the end of the year.


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