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Moved in and ready to live

There’s always a real sense of achievement when we hand over one of our custom build properties to its new owner. When our clients Jim and Mary came to get the keys and walk around with our quantity surveyor on the day of completion, the sun was out and the whole house was glowing in the evening light. It couldn’t have looked better for their arrival so handing over the keys was a very satisfying moment.

In the run up to completion and handover, it was a busy few weeks with all of the final finishes and details being completed. There was a tense moment waiting for some lights that were being shipped from Italy, but they arrived on time which meant that they were installed succesfully. Jim and Mary’s removal company started moving their boxes in the following day – there was no hanging around.

It seems a long time ago that we demolished the existing bungalow on the site in late June last year and the Facit Chassis started going up in early August. We’ve handed the keys over to the client right on schedule. Looking back, the installation of the final piece of our unique chassis roof was certainly a highlight and suddenly we all had a feel for the final form of the building. Watching all the internal walls go in and seeing the conversion of our digital model that we had walked through on the screen so many times into a physical space was a really satisfying moment.

We had to accelerate part of the programme to allow for the installation of the Photo Voltaic system before the feed in tariff changed. That meant rearranging the construction sequence but it was worth it to guarantee the best performance for the client.

Once we have handed over the keys we are still on call to answer any questions the new owners may have so it’s been good to go back and see how they are settling in and making the new house their home. Their dog is certainly enjoying the underfloor heating. While we move onto our next commission it’s good to know that the new owners are starting the next chapter of their lives in a highly specified unique home.


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