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Handover day!

November saw us complete our latest project and our customers move into their new home.

After buying a house with planning permission for a second dwelling next to it, our customers continued to live on site while their Facit Home was completed next door.

Spot the solar panels on the right side of the south facing roof.

The permitted design was not very inspiring, so they decided to start again from scratch and create something far more spectacular.

Designed to be a significantly larger property than that which had been previously granted planning approval, the issue of a steep slope on the site was solved in the new design which included a first floor entrance.

This responds to the dramatic landscape requirements and subverts the traditional experience of entering a home on the ground floor.

View from the ground floor kitchen and dining room.

Initially designed by local architects Millar Howard Workshop, we were brought in to consult on costs during the design process and to take the project through to completion once planning was approved. Having ensured the design of the home was optimised for our digital manufacturing approach, we were able to provide a detailed cost plan using a 3D computer model of the design prior to the application going in.

Our customers decided to have an independent Quantity Surveyor check over these costs - something we were happy to encourage and which reassured them that we were delivering great value for the project.

Construction started in February 2020 and would have taken our programmed 7 months had it not been for COVID lockdown delays shortly after we started.

Based on the edge of Stroud, the new home has wonderful views overlooking one of the Golden Valleys - which are accentuated and framed by the large, high performance windows from VELFAC.

View of the house from an upper level VELFAC window.

The elegant standing seam metal roof is made from GreenCoat steel, a long lasting and sustainable product that is (in our opinion) the best coated steel for roofing. Solar panels on the south facing roof will generate renewable electricity.

Built to near Passivhaus standards, this home is highly energy efficient and will see our customers spend very little on energy. It also contains a platform lift between the two floors, and has fully wheelchair accessible spaces ensuring it can provide accommodation should mobility be an issue.

Standing seam metal roof in construction.


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