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Getting the right mix

Work in leafy Highgate continues apace and now the basement concrete work has been completed so it’s no longer looking quite like the muddy building site it was before. The ground floor steel deck and concrete above has now been poured and the ground floor slab at the front of the building has been completed.

Above ground we are completing the drainage around the perimeter of the building and tidying up the site in preparation for the next stage of the build.

We have decided that for the first time in three projects we are going to build our classic Facit Chassis on site. This means having the engineered plywood delivered to the site which will then be cut and assembled into the component parts. These will be immediately located in the correct position on the slab and then eased into place by the erection team.

The Facit Chassis allows for the neat separation of electrics, insulation and plumbing into different cavities. This creates flexibility for our construction team, and helps avoid any delays.

This working method will make the whole production process more efficient then manufacturing the component parts in our London workshop and transporting them to the site thus reduces the carbon footprint of the build.

Offsite we are developing the designs for the swimming pool area and have been discussing the detail with our client Anya and the pool Subcontractor at Design Works in Clerkenwell. We picked out a set of tiles and finishes for the pool area which was a nice change from looking at building materials. We’re also finalising fixtures for the bathrooms and will be starting to look in more detail at joinery and floor finishes too. Fingers crossed again for some pleasant weather as we begin the next very important stage.


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