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Focus On: The Facit Chassis (Part 2)

Beyond the design flexibility that the digital manufacturing of the Facit Chassis offers, there is also a level of integration not normally found in structural systems.

Other traditional structures may require a service void to be created on the inside, to run things like electrics and plumbing through, which adds to the overall thickness of the wall.

Alternatively, they may need to be hacked in to and reworked on site to accommodate such things, or even require everyone’s nemesis ‘boxing out’ to hide pipes and ducts. It either means more work/time on site, or the loss of the clean lines most people favour.

The Facit Chassis is designed with all of these requirements in mind; service channels are predetermined and created within the depth of the components on the 3D computer model, so we know where every cable, pipe and duct will go.

It makes things so much easier on site as everything is able to be installed without the need to make it up as you go along. On more complicated areas such as bathrooms the Facit Chassis has special components which make the installation of things like concealed WC cisterns and wall mounted taps a breeze.

It’s one of the reasons why our interiors look so great.

Another great benefit of the Facit Chassis is its exceptional environmental performance.

Far exceeding UK building regulations requirements, it is responsible for making our homes amongst the most energy efficient available on the market. 

The 280mm of injected insulation in each component creates zero waste and sees the Chassis achieving thermal U-values of 0.12W/m2K, which exceeds passive house standards.

The components make up both the external walls and the roof, creating a super-insulated building envelope. Supported by underfloor heating, an MVHR system and triple glazed windows, it means our homes maintain comfortable temperatures year round with only the absolute minimum amount of energy required.

Previous customers have reported an 80% reduction in heating bills compared to their old home, and a much improved level comfort due to the elimination of draughts.


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