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Facit Homes featured on Custom Build Homes podcast

Innovation is at the heart of Facit Homes. That’s why Rhys, Director at Facit Homes, was thrilled to join Tom Connor and Hester McQueen on the Custom Build Homes podcast to better explain to others what we do and how we innovate.

Describing a typical project, Rhys touched on what happens off site and on site, as well as explaining why we believe an architect on site is essential.

Discussing the new Facit Homes option of Assisted Self Finish, as well as how we de-risk projects for our clients, their conversation covers the accurate cost model we use and how we can build homes that have been initially designed by other architects.

Tom and Hester were interested in both the future of Facit Homes as well as the past - most notably the Grand Designs episode at the start of our journey - and how we were flooded by enquiries from America almost 8 years later.

Rhys said “I was honoured to have been invited to be a guest on the Custom Build Homes podcast. I’ve known Tom for a few years now and it was great to chat with him and Hester about the custom build industry, as well as Facit Homes projects from past to present.”

To learn more about how we digitally design homes and to listen to the podcast, use this vimeo link:


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