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Demolition imminent in Highgate…

We’ve been up at the site getting the utilities disconnected and we’ve also had to remove a large number of plants from the front of the property ready for demolition. Very soon we’ll be working on a proper building site or rather a “Facit Homes” building site which is a bit different.

There won’t be any cranes for a start which is good news for the neighbours and the street scene in general. Depending on the space available we’ll try to produce all the component parts on site, however, at Highgate it’s a bit tight so we will be using our unique 3D technology at our London Fields workshop to make the parts and then deliver them to the construction team exactly when they are needed with the minimum of fuss.

Anya and Robin have now moved into a rented home just five minutes away while their new home is being built. Anya reports that the move was pretty smooth and now they are busy organising the unpacking. Their young sons Mark and Elliot were looking forward to the move and are now busy finding new places to play. Five-month-old baby Daniel may not be aware of much yet but he will no doubt be an inquisitive toddler when the new home is finished.

The temporary move wasn’t as emotional as the Nuttalls were expecting but they are still resolutely not going to watch the demolition of their former family home. Not much has been salvaged from the old house – just a few light fittings and work surfaces. The new home is going to be very different from the old 60s bungalow.

We were delighted to be featured in the local paper in the Ham & High’s glossy property section last month. Property Editor Prudence Ivey spoke to our MD Bruce Bell about the Highgate plans and was very impressed explaining the ethos behind our company and how we differ from other builders and property types, building a truly bespoke digital product. Prudence liked the idea of our super insulated designs and even suggested that in the future there should be Facit Homes for the masses! This comes on the back of the news this month that we are now a RIBA chartered practice with our Director of Architecture George Legg.

We have worked closely with Anya and Robin to make sure that this home is exactly how they want it so they can know what to expect and the budget. We’re just finalising the design of the basement which will be housing the family’s much anticipated swimming pool.

Our clients get to know us very well during the build process even if they don’t live somewhere on the site – some of our homes have been built in the garden of an existing house which has then been demolished when the new home is ready to move in to. Anya and Robin are intending to drop by on a weekly basis to see how the house develops. It sounds like a memory book is in the making.


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