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All Systems Go

It’s all systems go as we press on toward the finish line of the project. It still feels like there is a lot to do but the progress is fairly rapid and each day on site results in lots of visible changes. With all sorts of activities taking place both inside and out, the home is truly coming to life before our eyes.

The internal fit out is now very much in full swing, with bathrooms starting to get their second fix and sanitary ware being installed. With 6 bathrooms and a ground floor WC, there is a lot for our teams to put in, but careful coordination by our site agent means that things are going smoothly. The staircases are all in (so no more ladders between floors!) having been lovingly designed and engineered in the studio and then produced on site by the CNC machine in our Mobile Production Facility. The canopy over the front door was also produced before the MPF was finally taken off site, its work completed. This was one of the tightest spaces that we have ever squeezed the unit on to but it was a true embodiment of a Facit Homes project, with sheets of plywood arriving on site and being transformed in to precise, digitally designed elements such as the stairs.

External finishes are due to start next week, with the rendering on the first and second floor elevations being done first. At ground floor level there will be a Glass Reinforced Concrete cladding, a hard wearing material which has the appearance of stone and will give the home a solid, robust presence at street level. The way these two materials meet is a really important detail and we have been setting out a fabricated aluminium angle piece which will form a nice clean edge between them.


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