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A New Build Begins

Construction has just begun in South London on a new Facit Homes project.

The land was previously home to a garage belonging to our client and presents a very small, tight site with an existing building to one side. Combined with a slope that requires stepped foundations it is going to be a technically challenging build but a huge amount of work has gone in to the preparations so that we can go full steam ahead now we are on site.

With demolition of the garage already completed, the groundworks for the new home will commence shortly. With a lack of space for our mobile production facility, the Facit Chassis will be manufactured off site and delivered on demand once the foundations are completed.

The new home uses the topography of the site with a split-level plan that allows natural light to permeate through the entire building, and has a dramatic double-height living space to the front with a study space on the mezzanine.

Externally, the entire building will be clad in black standing seam zinc, a bold architectural statement that will create a real impact amongst the mix of house styles on the suburban street. It’s always a very exciting time when a build gets underway and the team are now hard at work to keep things moving on schedule, with completion set for December.


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