The home re-engineered

At the heart of every Facit Home is a series of highly engineered systems and components, which can be endlessly customised and configured to suit you. This guarantees a consistently high standard of quality and performance, whilst allowing almost unlimited design possibilities.



Structural intelligence


Under the skin of each Facit Home is our advanced structural system, the unique Facit Chassis™. It provides a range of advantages over traditional building methods. And like the chassis of a car it is designed to seamlessly receive all of the other components.


Future proof


Outstanding environmental performance comes as standard with a Facit Home. As does elegant, contemporary design. A small number of carefully developed and selected Core Components ensure your home sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency. And looks great at the same time.


Digital made real

Facit Homes are made with the precision of a Swiss watch. Literally. Because we’re the world’s first home manufacturer to use a purely digital design and production process, converting virtual 3D components into exact physical replicas.