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All under one roof


For most of us, building your own home is a once in a lifetime experience.

It can be a daunting prospect, filled with uncertainty and risk. Facit Homes offers a simpler way to realise your dream by combining all of the necessary skills and knowledge into one company.


One company that does it all.

So you can focus on enjoying the journey and planning for

life in your new home.


Your ideas-our expertise

Everyone’s idea of what makes the perfect home is different.

Our in-house architects and designers work closely with you from the start of your journey with us, whether you are starting from scratch or already have planning permission. We know that the real test of any design is not how pretty it is, or how many awards it wins, but whether it works for the people who use it and works for you.


Walk through your future

It can be hard to imagine what your home will be like by just looking at 2D drawings. How big this room will feel, how the sun will play across that wall, what you see as you open the front door. Our hyper-real 3D visualisation software lets you experience every part of your home before we build it.

As the design can be amended in real time, you can test out different options and ideas. That way you can make the decisions that matter, that will ensure the home is just right for you.


Stay on budget

Having a firm grip on costs is vital for the success of any project.

Your dream home will only become a reality if you can afford to build it.

To avoid uncertainty and risk we price your entire home from foundations to doorbell before the planning application. Then if you want to make any changes that will affect costs we can do so before committing to the design.


Your budget, your choice.


Site specific

Every site is different, offering its own opportunities and challenges.

We’re experts at navigating the UK’s complex planning system. Whether it is submitting a new application, minor amendments to an existing consent or building in accordance with the conditions of your permission. 

Our robust, policy-based planning strategy ensures that our projects receive planning permission first time, particularly in 'Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty' and Conservation Areas. Whether it is capturing a stunning view or dealing with a tricky local council, you can be confident we will achieve the best possible outcome for your home.



Built as designed​


No need to search for a reliable builder, face delays in construction or constantly panic over the end result. Our digital approach offers certainty from the very start. Instead of searching for a different team to complete your project, we manage every stage of your build and deliver it on time and on budget. Rather than enduring the stress normally associated with construction, you can sit back and watch as we bring your new home to life. Exactly how you expect it to be.


Get your hands dirty

We understand that a traditional ‘self build’ project can be intimidating.

It’s one of the main reasons Facit Homes exists. However, finishing off the interior of your home may be something you would feel confident taking on. Perhaps you would enjoy getting involved, whether buying the products, managing the trades or rolling up your sleeves and painting the walls yourself.

Our assisted self finish route includes a full design service and delivers all of the complicated and technical elements of the construction, offering you the opportunity to reduce project costs by completing the interiors yourself, at your own pace. The goal remains the same as on our turnkey projects – to ensure you end up with the home that you want. So we remain on hand to provide professional assistance and support throughout.

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