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The Next Chapter Begins

There was cause for celebration last week when our clients Anya, Robin and their 3 children moved in to their beautiful new Facit Home in Highgate.

After a flurry of activity over the last month our team, led by project architect George, proudly handed over the impressive 4-floor (inc. basement), 6-bedroom property right on time and within 24 hours the family were already fully settled in to a new life in their very own modern, high performance home. It’s a radical change from the old house that we demolished on the site a year ago and they now have plenty of space to enjoy and no more draughts to endure.

As the most technically complex project we have tackled to date, the delivery has been a triumph of planning, coordination and honest hard work. The result is a bold and welcoming home full of delight, which will meet the specific needs of our client’s growing family for years to come. There is no greater reward for the whole Facit Homes team than knowing that.


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