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Taking shape – when plans become reality

At last we can see the house taking shape after spending the best part of a year poring over the plans. Having prepared the ground, the insulation and underfloor heating pipes for the ground floor slab were laid in three days (impressively quick!) followed by the concrete. Passers-by and neighbours have also been watching the progress with interest. Now it’s full steam ahead!

The production of the Facit Chassis (what we call the skeleton of the house) was being made in tandem in our workshop in Hackney, unlike a Huf Haus that has to be transported from Germany. Once the slab was poured, we delivered the components to South Woodford.

Due to the tight size of the site, we have established an efficient storage sequence so that the components we need first are close to hand. The first floor and roof components were delivered to site once the ground floor walls had been installed and more space had been created.

The next challenge will be installing the roof beams due to the actual height of the ceilings, but we have calculated this well to ensure that we have a thorough and safe method for getting them into position.

We should have the overall structure including the roof complete by mid September and then it’s fingers-crossed for a few weeks of an Indian summer.


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