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Planning permission granted in Kent

It’s an exciting time in the studio! Designs are progressing, planning approvals are coming through, projects are getting underway on site and we’ve seen a huge influx of enquiries so there is plenty more on the horizon...

The good news this week is that our latest planning application for a new home near Sevenoaks has been approved by the local planning authority.

Updating an existing design

Our customers got in touch with us earlier this year having gained planning permission for a contemporary, single storey home to replace the stables on a plot of land attached to their existing house.

What they did not have was a way to bring their forever home to life, as they really wanted to minimise the risk of the project by working with a single company who offered a fixed price construction solution. Luckily, they discovered Facit Homes.

The contemporary design for the 165m2 home had a flat roof, large windows and eco aspirations so it was the perfect starting point for a Facit Home.

As this example shows, we can be appointed to projects that have been designed by other architects, taking them forward to construction by making some small changes to the design where necessary. Here, we kept the overall intent of the design concept but evolved it to allow for the deeper roof of our super-insulated the Facit Chassis™.

Unusually for such minor design amendments, we had to submit a new full planning application. This carried no additional planning fees because it was a re-submission for the same scheme within 12 months of the original application.

Garden view of the design.
Technical design is nearly complete and we are starting on site ASAP.

Have you got a design for a new home?

Our digital approach allows us to deliver homes designed by others, amending the design and planning permission if required, whilst still offering all the inherent benefits of a Facit Home - quality, value and environmental performance.

If you have a design for your dream home and you’re looking for a fixed price, a turnkey solution and a sustainable method of construction, get in touch to discuss it with us.

Call the studio on 020 3034 0720 or email


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