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Planning permission at Chichester Harbour

We are very excited to receive approval for a new Facit Home in West Sussex. This 300m2 home will replace an existing dwelling which whilst much loved, has seen better days. Composed of 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths spread over two floors, the home is located on a stunning site that looks out over Chichester Harbour in an Area of Outstanding National Beauty.

Having previously had a new house designed by a local architect, only to find out the total build cost was far beyond their stated budget, our customers came to us with cost control top of their mind. We started from scratch, working out what was most important to them and developing a scheme that would still give them everything they needed within their budget.

The front door is located centrally on the south side and is approached from the new driveway/ footpath. From here, a generous double-height entrance space gives access to light and a warm welcome before guiding you into the open-plan kitchen, dining and living space. A guest room with ensuite allows private space for visitors. The first floor is accessed from open stairs and contains three generous bedrooms with two bathrooms, a study space and a large master suite that looks out over the harbour. Storage space on both floors has been designed to allow a platform lift to be installed in the future, simply by removing the floor between them.

On the south elevation, an overhanging canopy with angled reveals provides solar shading in summer to prevent overheating, articulating and breaking up the overall mass and adding depth and shadow. On the flatter north elevation, the facade has been articulated and subdivided into vertical “bays” of windows framed by deep projecting window pods. These pods serve several functions; they provide solar shading from the late afternoon summer sun, reduce the risk of light spill at night by “shrouding” the windows to comply with the local Dark Skies policy, and provide relief and vertical rhythm, reducing the perceived mass of the overall building as it faces the harbour.

The palette has been chosen with a range of natural materials and complementary, muted tones that are sensitive to the area's character and help the building visually integrate with and relate to its immediate setting and the surrounding context of the harbour. The materials include untreated timber cladding, dark grey render and light bronze metal shrouds. Additionally, the windows will be framed in a light bronze aluminium.

From the outset, our customers were captivated by our innovative approach to designing and digitally fabricating their forever home. Stay tuned as we prepare to digitally manufacture it into a one-of-a-kind contemporary home tailored precisely to our customer's vision.


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