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Planning success in Suffolk

Planning approval has been granted for a new Facit Home on a beautiful site in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the coast of Suffolk.

View from site entrance

Having come to us with a concept design in place from their previous architects, our customers were looking for cost certainty and a proven construction approach to reduce the overall risk on their project before moving it forward toward a planning application. We were able to develop the concept, adding some of our own ideas and details, and ensuring it could be delivered on budget.

Our robust and comprehensive planning application was well received by the local authority and their consultees, including the Suffolk Coast & Heath AONB Planning Officer who commented that 'the high-quality design and the high energy efficiency

of the scheme is supported'

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the design presents a high quality piece of architecture that has a contemporary yet timeless feel. Typified by bold shapes, clean lines and minimal ornamentation, the Bauhaus language has been used to develop a dynamic property that will complement its surroundings.

A long canopy provides shelter for the main entrance and connects to a large garage

The majority of the building is set across 2 floors, with a single storey element to the west which connects to a garage via an overhead canopy. On the north elevation, a series of playfully placed windows provide interest and animation to the façade, with a projecting element to the east and canopy to the west adding articulation and depth.

On the south elevation, larger windows allow for generous amounts of natural light to enter the interior, in particular the living spaces which connect directly to the garden. They are shaded from summer sun by solar shades and the overhanging balcony to the east, but will still allow for solar gain in the winter months.

The south elevation faces onto a beautiful mature garden

We are excited to get going on the next stage of the project and for construction to commence!

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Fiona Bowrey
Fiona Bowrey
Jun 03

Where exactly on the Suffolk coast is this fabulous design going to be built and will it be for a future sale?


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