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Chesham Lodge



Henry & Christine wanted somewhere that was high-tech and high-performance, yet effortless to use.


We found out about their past homes, and how they saw their life in their new Facit Home.  Technology plays a big part in the family’s life, and we were keen to make plenty of space for it. The media room in Henry and Christine’s new home is open to the kitchen and dining area, so it’s easy for them to surf, print, Skype and download music.

Future-proofing was important to them too. So we installed a state-of-the-art CAT7 data network and a bespoke B&O entertainment system. There’s even a soundproof music room for the future rockstars in their family: their two teenage sons.


Henry and Christine can now control the automated windows and lighting in their Facit Home from a simple switch on the wall and manual controls, rather than a complex central controller. Their heat recovery system retains warmth while keeping the air fresh and the humidity balanced.

They can also control the under-floor heating system from their iPads, and the system switches itself off on sunny winter days, allowing the super-insulated Facit Chassis™ to capture the sun’s warmth for free via the large south facing triple-glazed windows.

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Christine has a great eye for materials and textures. You can see her influence throughout the couple’s home, from the raw concrete wall finishes and rough-sawn timber floorboards to the textured steel cladding on the outside. A central interior connecting space, with flowing curved walls, softens the raw materials’ hard edges.


“We designed and digitally manufactured a set of custom-made elements, like the laser-cut steel staircase and integrated kitchen. Throughout the house there is a sense of flow, created by a coherent palette of materials and colours, and repeated joinery details.”

George - Facit Homes Architect

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