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A place to call home


Elegant, welcoming and designed for modern living. Our architects and designers aspire to create a home around you and your lifestyle. A home inspired by the way you want to live.

Your ideas, our expertise

Everyone’s idea of what makes the perfect home is different. We’re interested in yours. Our in-house architects and designers work closely with you from the start of your journey with us - whether you have an existing design or are starting from scratch. We know that the real test of your design is not how pretty it is, or how many awards it wins, but whether it works for the people who use it. Whether it works for you.


Sensation of space


Spatial configuration determines the feel and function of a home. We pay careful attention to how you both experience and use space. Flexible-plan layouts define social and private areas whilst retaining a sense of openness and flow. Adaptable, multipurpose spaces let you use all of your home, all of the time.

Natural light​


Light has a fundamental effect on our perception of architecture and interior space, fulfilling practical as well as emotional needs. Intelligently-placed, generously-sized windows and glazed doors flood our homes with natural light and connect you with the surrounding environment.


Crafted details

Beauty can be found in a technically complex balustrade or the natural grain of a wooden floor.  We obsess over the design and craftsmanship of every detail, making sure it is perfectly resolved and flawlessly executed. Because the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.

Material consideration

A sensitively selected palette of materials brings coherence to the home as a whole. Each choice is influenced by many factors, from durability and ease of maintenance to texture and aesthetic. External cladding responds to context and architectural form, providing protection from the elements and ageing beautifully over time. Internal surfaces reflect your lifestyle and personal taste, making every room feel like home.


Form and function

The objects in your home that you interact with every day should always be a pleasure to use. Simple, well designed and functional. We have curated a wide selection of fixtures and fittings that meet our high standards of quality and value. And if they are not quite right for you, we’ll find some that are.

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